Social Change Social Change is a national non-profit committed to liberation and disrupting systems via coalition and capacity building, tech and legal resources, advocacy and culture.

About Social Change: Social Change is an organization committed to the radical transformation of protest into progress by working together with a network of organizers, lawyers, legislators, and artists seeking to improve the social reality of communities of color, to support and defend impoverished and divested households, and to uplift institutions committed to transforming lives and communities through strategic partnerships, community capacity building and technical assistance.

  Our Vision:  Is to ensure that the people enduring hardships are the author of the solutions to them.

Our Vision: Is to ensure that the people enduring hardships are the author of the solutions to them.


The Liberty Project

The Liberty Project = Social Change's liberty and justice advancing work that empowers individuals and organizations seeking to disrupt the systems responsible for depriving them-or the people they serve-access to jobs and justice.

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Social Change Film Fest

Social Change Film Fest consists of a weekend of fashion, fun, opportunities, and inspiring films. Join us for world premieres, engage with award-winning filmmakers, actors and leaders from every corner of the globe, and learn about how to get involved.

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What we've done...

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Our Team

Meet the Social Change team

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Our Vision: Ensure the People Enduring Hardships are the Authors of the Solutions to Them