The Road To Freedom Has Always Been Paved With Voter's Ballots

Liberty and justice for all.

Abroad, that principle is fought for and defended by soldiers in the armed services.

Domestically, it's fought for and defended by soldiers in the centuries-old struggle for human rights. 

Regardless of the where that righteous struggle takes place, history has made one thing clear: freedom isn't free. 

Thankfully, fighting for and defending freedom no longer requires bullets or bloodshed . . . it only requires ballots.

Your vote. Your family's votes. Your network's votes.

People are more likely to vote when they are:

  1. Convinced their vote is important; and,

  2. Certain phrases like "liberty and justice for all" aren't just words, but are a promise to identify and eliminate barriers to justice and opportunity.

Let's do our part to ensure all freedom-loving people know how important their vote is and are can fulfill their potential.

Specifically, join Social Change in asking people to do 3 simple things:

  1. Register to vote *via the form below;

  2. Get your friends and family out to vote; and,

  3. Encourage others to do 1-3 via social media, in-person, via e-mail and every other possible medium.

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